Grantham Nuts (?)

4 lb Flour
2 1/2 lb Lump Sugar
4 oz Butter
Pint Milk
1 oz Vol [She keeps adding 'Vol'. What is it?]
1/2 oz Ginger
1/2 oz Cinnamon
1/4 oz Nutmegs
1/4 oz Mace
6 oz Munon (?)
6 oz Orange
1/2 oz Seeds
Baked in a mid [moderate? 350 - 400] oven

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Anonymous said...

I think the "mid" is actually supposed to be "mod" or "moderate". I have a couple of old cookbooks that call for cooking in a slow, moderate and quick or fast oven. The temperture for a moderate oven is between 350 & 400 degrees. Hope this helps!