Hiley's Sponge Cake

1 1/4 lb Sugar
1 1/4 lb Flour
12 Eggs
Ess (?) Lemon


Laura said...

Could this be essence of lemon like some of the recipes with essence in it?

Lou said...

Nice blog, but any chance you could also put the actual directions for making up the recipes, rather than just the ingredients?

Laura said...

Yeah, I really fancy making a recipe with 19 eggs. I'm linking you to my blog cos I like this a lot...and I like cake.

E. said...

At the moment I haven't worked out how to make them up - that information is locked in 1860 memories. I thought I'd post the complete book and then look for links to similar recipes (Abernethy and Cracknel are easy to find - but "Dollers"?)