Mice meat

Roast your apples put in a
little basin (?), laset [to set?] them a
working let it work 3 days
with a little sugar in them (?) then
mix it with a little
suitt (?) sugar, currants. Lass [Lasts ?]
9 mon [months]
[Any thoughts, anyone?]


Carolyn said...

It looks like the [carmelized] apples would ferment ever so slightly with the sugar, which would act as a preservative [like brandy] along with the other ingredients. It's interesting that no meat is in this recipe.

Laura said...

...or mice for that matter!

Laura said...

more like mi(n)ce meat really.

E. said...

I filed it as mincemeat!- maybe mince meat really used to be called mice meat; probably not, sadly! Would there have been meat in 'suet' in those days?

Laura said...

Pre 17th century, mincemeat was once spiced meat and the suet is a leftover from those days. Now, of course, we can have vegetable suet. Mincemeat might be referred to as 'fruitmince' to Americans.