Jolop (?) Ginger Bread

2 lb Flour
10 oz Butter
1 1/4 lb Treacle
1 lb Sugar
1 oz Ginger
3 oz Jolop (?)
[I'm pretty sure it's a J, maybe an H not a P - doesn't help though!]


E. said...

Jolop might be blackstrap molasses it's suggested.

E. said...

It does make sense if it's molasses - but I can't find any ref to Jolop on the web except for the usual "Surname: Jolop - research your family tree" or "Buy Jolop on EBay".

The only exception is this...

CA Bogardus (1891) One thousand secrets of rich and wise men revealed.

CATHARTIC PILLS.—One-half oz. extract Colacinth, in powder, three drms. Jolop in powder, three drms. Calomel, two scru. Gamboge in powder. Mix these together and with water form into mass and roll into 180 pills. Dose, one pill as a mild laxative, two in vigorous operations. Use in all bilious diseases when purges are necessary.
or if you don’t want to install the DjVu plug-in

You can get molasses powder - so maybe Jolop is molasses. I had thought that Jolop might be a Manchester dialect word but CA Bogardus was published in Springfield, Missouri so it can't be.

E. said...

Nina, someone else from home cooking, suggests...
"Maybe the Jolop is Julip. which is a sweet syrup"

E. said...

This from

Constipation is a common disease, with many different causes. The common treatment for it is jollop. Jollop only alleviates the symptom and makes people dependent on medicine. What is more, frequent intake of jollop is bad for health.

or this from Terry Pratchett:
Granny's remedies, made from simple, honest, and generally nearly poisonous herbs and roots, were amazing things. After one dose of stomache-ache jollop, you made sure you never complained of stomach ache ever again. In its way, it was a sort of cure. (Terry Pratchett, Truckers)

Matt said...

I just googled jollop (not much came up with one L so I tried an alternate spelling). In the back of my mind it was something you were given a good dose of. Google came up with
which defines jollop as strong liquor or medicine