Elder wine

To every quart of berries [1] put two
quarts of water, boil half an hour
run the liquor, and break the
fruit through a hair sieve [2];
then to every quart of juice
put three quarters of a pound
of Lisbon sugar, coarse, but
not the very coarsest, Boil
the whole a quarter of an hour
with some Jamaica pepper [3]
oranges and a few cloves -
pour in into a tub and
when of a proper warmth,
into the barrel, with toast (?) and
yeast to work, which there
is more difficulty to make
it do than most other liquors.
When it ceases to hiss, put a
quart of Brandy to eight
gallons and stop up.
Bottle in the spring or at
Christmas - the liquor
must be in a warm place
to make it work.

[Does it really say 'toast' and 'hiss'. What's a 'hair sieve']

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Laura said...

Never made wine but I guess it's the yeast giving off CO2 that might make it 'hiss'. As for the toast, I think Betty just likes to add a bit of pastry or flour-based product whenever she can. That's when she's not slapping oatmeal and lard onto her hands.