To preserve fruit in Brandy (Nov 1932)

Prunes Reine-Claude [1], Apricots, Peaches, Pears and Chesnuts.
The problem is to place the fruits in Brandy of sufficient
strength to avoid all further decomposition.
The fruit must not be bruised, the ideal is to gather the
fruit oneself, wash them separately, let them drain carefully,
place them in a jar, and cover them with Brandy of 60 to 70 degrees
after several months, one adds syrup of sugar in quantity
to suit the individual taste.
The brandy has mixed with the juice of the fruit and
impregnated the fruit and hardened it and the ensemble
constitutes a preparation very agreeable.
If the brandy is too poor, the fruit will remain flabby and the
preparation spoiled

(another recipe)

One kilo of Prunes Reine-Claude put in a jar. Add sufficient Brandy
to fill the jar then cork, at the end of 15 days the prunes are ready.
Do not add sugar the fruit will sweeten the juice.

Place black currants in a jar, crush, add one * Brandy and
close for 3 months. Run the preparation through a fine sieve,
put the currants in a clean cloth and squeeze out the juice,
let this simmer for 1/4 hour in copper pan, then add sugar
when cold add this to the 1st juice, bottle it, and it will be ready in 3 months

Suggested 2 Litres (3 1/2 pint) of Brandy to 1 lb of Fruit
170 grammes (about 1/4 lb) of sugar to 1 Litre of juice.

[Loose page inserted into recipe book]

[It seems quite forward thinking to be using kilos/grammes in 1932] [2]

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Food preservation is a fun and cost-effective activity. I find this very practical that's why I've been into canning salsa recipes myself.