Apple Balls

6 Good sized apples. 1/2 doz cloves.
A little brown sugar and if liked
a little lemon rind
Short Pastry for 6 apples
1/2 lb Flour
1/4 lb Butter, Lard or Dripping
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
Pinch of salt and cold water to mix
Roll each apple with paste,
fill the hollow with castor sugar
and cloves on top.  A little red-
currant jam placed on top adds
to the delicacy.
Place on greased or floured tin and bake
1/2 hour in moderate oven.


Five Minutes Pudding

Requires: Flour two ounces, sugar two ounces, a teaspoonful
of baking powder, two eggs, and any kind of jam.

Beat all together but jam.  Bake in a buttered
baking tin for six minutes in a hot oven.  Take up,
Spread some jam over, roll up while hot and serve at


White Sauce

1 oz Butter (or 11/2 ozes)
1 oz Flour
1 gill milk (Water)
1 Desert spoon of Brown Sugar


Ginger Bread Pudding (4th October 1898)

2 tbsp Bread crumbs
(or 4 tbsp Flour)
2 ozes (ditto) Flour
1/2 tsp Baking powder
Pinch of salt
1/2 tsp Ground ginger
2 tbsp Chopped suet
1 1/2 tbsp Brown sugar
About 4 tbsp Milk
1 1/2 tbsp Black treacle

Mix together the dry things.
Make a hole in centre and pour
in treacle, milk, egg.
Mix all well together.
Steaming a pudding is much
lighter than boiling.  It has
more room to rise and swell

Add pinch of salt to
boiling water when
boiling puddings.


Some [?] Dainty Dishes

Good Sauce For Chops
Into three tablespoonfuls of gravy put
two of Worcester sauce, a teaspoonful of
tarragon vinegar, a squeeze of lemon, and
season highly with pepper and salt.

Rhubarb Jam
Is delicious if made thus: to every pound
of rhubarb allow three-quarters of a pound of
sugar and half a lemon sliced, and to every
seven pounds a tin of pineapple chopped finely.
Put on the fire, and when it boils let it boil
fast for half an hour.  Put into pots, and while
hot cover with white paper, using white of egg
as the paste.

Invalid Pudding
Butter a breakfast cup, crumble into it a
stale penny sponge cake.  Beat up an egg with
a quarter of a pint of milk and pour over.
Let it stand for twenty minutes, then cover
with greased paper, and steam gently till the
custard is set. Turn out and serve with
or without jam, according to taste.

Indian Mince
Is a very good way of using up cold meat.
Take any remains of cold meat you may have,
if of several kinds all the better. Add a little
lean bacon or ham.  Pass all through the
mincing machine, dredge well with flour, stir
in a spoonful of curry powder, and moisten
with a little good gravy.  Make a wall of rice
or mashed potato on a dish, and put the mince
in the centre.  Serve hot, and hand chutney 
with it.

Steamed Egg
Is often appreciated by an invalid as a
liht supper dish.  Have ready a saucepan
with two inches of water boiling in it.  Put a 
little piece of butter into a small teacup.
Stand it in the saucepan, and as soon as the
butter melts, break a fresh egg gently in it.
Cover with a saucer and let it gently steam for
eight minutes.  Have ready a small square of 
buttered toast, turn out the egg on to it, dust
with parsley and serve.  If liked, a little
anchovy sauce may be spread on the toast.

Tea Scones.
This recipe is sent me by a kind corre-
spondent, so I hasten to give it to my readers.
Put two large breakfast-cupfuls of flour into a
basin, add one teaspoonful of sugar, two of
baking powder.  Rub in two ounces of lard,
and make into a ight dough with milk,
sour for preference.  Roll out to about three-
quarters of an inch thick.  Cut into shapes,
and bake in a good oven for ten minutes.
(Thanks to Fort Augusta.)


Welsh Cheese Cake

The weight of 1 egg in butter,
caster sugar and flour.  A little
lemon rind grated.  Pinch of b[aking] powder
a little raspberry jam

Cream together butter and sugar
then add alternately the beaten
egg and flour.  Add lastly b[aking] powder
and pinch of salt.

Short Pastry
(use as little water as possible)
1/4 lb Flour
1 oz Butter
1 oz Lard
1/4 tsp baking powder
Pinch of salt

Cover lard with flour and break
and rub with tips of fingers
(Tbsp of c[aster] sugar may be added to
make it crisp for sweet things)
Put in b[aking] powder (1 tsp to 1 lb flour)
Turn out on b[read] board and knead
to get out cracks.  Roll out
and line tins (greased)
Put tiny bit of jam in the
bottom of each tin.
On top of each put tsp of the
above mixture
Bake about 15 min in hot oven

Makes 8 buns


Queen of Puddings

1 Breakfast cup full of bread crumbs
Ditto milk
1 oz Sugar
2 Eggs, little grated lemon rind.
About 2 tbsp raspberry jam
(Buttered dish) Pinch of salt

Put in dish - crumbs, sugar, salt
and lemon rind.  Get milk to boiling
point.  Pour it over the dry things
in basin and mix together.
Stir out the steam.
Pour in the yolks (without the
whites) Stir well up.  Bake for 15 min
Can be divided in two (Time 7 1/2 min)
Bake till nicely set.  Spread
with jam and heap on top the white
of egg (add a little salt and whisk)
with back of knife not point in
cool air.


Stuffed and boned breast of mutton (27 Sept [1898])

1/4 lb Bread crumbs
3 ozes Suet
1/2 tsp Mixed herbs
A little grated lemon rind
Salt and pepper to taste.
1 Egg.
1 Small breast of mutton
boned and skinned.

Mix all the dry ingredients.
Add the beaten egg.  If this does
not bind, add a little milk.
Form with the hands, any shape.
Roll up the stuffing in the mutton,
beginning at the thinnest end.
Tie up or skewer.
Flour the mutton to prevent it
from sticking.

[stuffing for veal, fowl, turkey, fish]