White Tour's [Four's ?]

2 lb E. India Sugar
1 pint Water
2 oz Butter
4 lb Flour
1 oz Vol
[Could 'Vol' be the tradename of something like bicarbonate of soda?]

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E. said...

Ammonium Bicarbonate (E503)

This alkali is sometimes know as 'vol' because it disappears during baking. It is often one of the raising agents used in biscuit manufacture where the carbon dioxide and ammonia combine to raise the biscuit dough. As a processing aid the law does not require ammonium bicarbonate to be declared on the ingredient label, however we will always tell you if we add it to a Doves Farm product.

I got the above from an organic baking website:


No doubt it's very bad etiquette to comment on your own blog - but I like the way the recipes look on their own!