Apple Jelly

One peck of apples one
gallon of water to every
quart of pulp one pound
of loaf sugar.
Take a peck of apples full
grown but not the least
ripe, of all or any sort.
quarter them and take
out the cores but do
not pare them; put
them into a preserving
pan with one gallon of
water and let them
boil moderately until
you think the pulp will
run or suffer itself
to be squeezed through a
cheese cloth, only leaving
the peels behind.
Then to each quart of
pulp add one pound
of loaf sugar either
broken in small
pieces or pounded
and boil it all together
for half an hour and
ten minutes keeping
it stirred; then put
into pots the larger the
better as it keeps longer
in a large body.

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