Red Currant Jelly

Time forty minutes
To one quart of currant
juice one pound of
powdered lump sugar.

Pick the currants from
the stalks into a broad
earthenware pan. To about
one gallon of the picked
currants put half a pound
of sifted lump sugar.
Put the sugar over the
picked currants the day
before you make the jelly.
Set the jelly over a slow
fire to simmer gently for
about twenty minutes.
There should be an equal
quantity of red and white
When all the juice is
discharged strain it
through a hair sieve
and then through a
jelly bag while quite
To each quart of juice
put one pound of
powdered loaf sugar.
Put into a preserving
pan, and set it over a
quick stove to boil for
twenty minutes.
If any scum arises skim
it off. When done put
into small pots and
cover with brandied paper
and tie down.

[brandied paper?]

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