Green Tomato Pickle

Wipe 6 lbs of Green tomatoes and place
them in an earthenware bowl and sprinkle
salt between the layers.
Leave them until the following morning
then strain through a colander but do
not press the fruit.
Place the resultant liquor into a
preserving pan and add the contents of a 2 lb
tin of golden syrup, two small red peppers
if available, if not, a few dried chillies,
1/4 oz of all-spice, 1/4 oz of cayenne pepper,
a teaspoonful of dry mustard mixed to
a smooth paste with a little vinegar and
3 pints of good vinegar.
Boil the whole for 10 minutes, then
add the strained tomatoes and 2 lb of Spanish
onions, first cutting up the two in
small portions.
Boil together until the onion and
tomatoes are tender - this should be
within 1/2 an hour, - and pot up or place in
pickle bottles saved for the purpose.
Whatever is used for storing should
be corked or covered tightly.
This pickle may be used as soon
as required.

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