Horse Radish Sauce

4 tablespoons of grated
horse radish [1] 1 teaspoonful
of pounded sugar 1
teaspoonful of salt (?) 1/2
teaspoonful of pepper
2 teaspoonfuls of made
mustard. Vinegar.

Grate the horse radish and
mix it well with the
sugar salt pepper and
mustard. Moisten
it with sufficient vinegar
to give it the consistency
of cream and serve in a
tureen 3 or 4 tablespoonfuls
of cream added to the
above very much improve
the appearance and flavour
of this sauce.
To heat it to serve with
hot roastbeef put it in
a jar which place in a
saucepan of boiling water
make it hot but do not
allow it to boil or it
will curdle.

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