Queen of Puddings

1 Breakfast cup full of bread crumbs
Ditto milk
1 oz Sugar
2 Eggs, little grated lemon rind.
About 2 tbsp raspberry jam
(Buttered dish) Pinch of salt

Put in dish - crumbs, sugar, salt
and lemon rind.  Get milk to boiling
point.  Pour it over the dry things
in basin and mix together.
Stir out the steam.
Pour in the yolks (without the
whites) Stir well up.  Bake for 15 min
Can be divided in two (Time 7 1/2 min)
Bake till nicely set.  Spread
with jam and heap on top the white
of egg (add a little salt and whisk)
with back of knife not point in
cool air.


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