An Old Lancashire Simnel

1/2 lb butter, 3/4 lb of flour
3/4 [lb] of currants. 1 lb crushed lump
sugar, 5 eggs, 1/2 lb candied peel
half a teaspoonful of ground
allspice one teaspoonful of
baking powder, 1 lb ground
almonds two lemons.
For the cake mixture
take all the butter except
about 2 oz and cream it
with half the sugar, 1/2 lb.
Then add currants and
the peel, flour, allspice and
Baking powder mixed in it
and the yolks of three
eggs well beaten.
For the almond paste
melt the 2 oz of butter
pour it over the ground almonds
and 1/2 lb of sugar; add
two eggs and the juice of
two lemons and mix
well together;
Spread half the cake
mixture evenly over the
bottom of the tin, then
1/2 the almond paste then
the remainder of the cake.
Put into the oven and
when more than half done
put on the rest of the almond
paste like a wall round
the edge of the cake.
When finished, fill the
centre with sugar and ??
it will take from 2 to 3
hours to bake; be careful
not to take it out untill
the centre is cooked.

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