Vanilla Cream

Ingredients 1 pint of milk, yolks of
8 eggs 6 oz of sugar 1 oz of isinglass
flavouring to taste of essence of
Mode Put the milk and sugar
into a saucepan and let it get
hot over a slow fire; beat up
the yolks of the eggs to which add
gradually the sweetened milk
flavour the whole with essence of
vanilla, put the mixture into a jug
and place this jug in a saucepan
of boiling water. Stir the contents one
way with a wooden spoon until
the mixture thickens, but do not allow
it to boil or it will be full of lumps
Take it off the fire. Stir in the isinglass
which should be previously dissolved in
1/4 pint of water, and boiled for 2 or 3
minutes. A vanilla pod may be
boiled in the milk instead of essence
of vanilla.

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